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  • What is stigma?

    Stigma means different things to different people. This is one dictionary’s definition: “The shame or disgrace attached to something regarded as socially unacceptable. There may be a...

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  • Other people’s stories

    There are also some websites in which people with HIV have written first-hand accounts of their experiences and feelings. On other websites, you can watch videos of...

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  • HIV, stigma and discrimination

    This booklet provides information on HIV stigma and discrimination and how to tackle them. ...

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  • The negative impact on public health

    In recent years a number of organisations have published papers, monographs and policy documents highlighting ways in which using the criminal law to address potential or actual...

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  • Gay man sues New York museum for anti-HIV discrimination - ThinkProgress

    After 10 years of working at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History as an IT manager, Bryan Torres has filed a federal suit against the museum for creating an intolerable hostile working environment. According to the complaint, Torres’ supervisor, Juan Montes, subjected him to ongoing harassment because of his sexual orientation and HIV status, creating “working conditions so difficult and unpleasant that a reasonable person in his shoes would have felt compelled to resign.”

    3 hours ago | ThinkProgress
  • Perceptions of Masculinity Influence HIV Stigma in Nigeria

    A recent study has found that the extent to which males meet cultural ideals of masculinity in Nigeria can impact the extent of stigma they experience. The study involved extensive interviewing of 17 heterosexual men with HIV in Nigeria, all of whom were being treated with antiretroviral therapy.

    28 February 2017 | Naija 247
  • How some gay men still stigmatise HIV positive gay men

    I naively thought that I knew no-one living with HIV. I had to ask myself seriously what I would do if I were diagnosed positive: and my immediate reaction was that I wouldn’t tell anybody. Part of the reason I’ve written my play The HIV Monologues is to combat this silencing stigma about HIV.

    01 February 2017 | Dazed
  • Nigeria’s anti-homosexuality laws block access to care

    LGBT+ people in Nigeria experience discrimination that hinders their access to health care, including for mental health problems that have been overlooked by many organisations, the Bisi Alimi Foundation has reported based on an online survey.

    24 January 2017 | Sci.dev.net
  • This “First Dates” Contestant Was Told He Had To Reveal He Was HIV-Positive

    When Alex Causton-Ronaldson applied to be on the Channel 4 show, his HIV status was leaked to the production team, who tried to pressure him into disclosing it. He tells BuzzFeed News what effect this had and how he fought back.

    19 December 2016 | BuzzFeed News
  • Dutch HIV patients furious over "horror" AIDS campaign

    HIV patients in the Netherlands are furious about the AIDS fund's "horror campaign" about the disease. "I kill about 300 children a day" and "I am now more dangerous than ever" are two phrases fro the Dutch AIDS Fund's radio commercial campaign.

    07 December 2016 | NL Times
  • "Callous, cold and deliberately duplicitous": calling out racism in Canadian newspaper coverage of HIV non-disclosure cases 1989-2015

    Report issued by Canadian university researchers calls for fairness and accuracy in the newsroom and an end to coverage that stigmatizes people with HIV.

    07 December 2016 | Positive Lite
  • Israel: HIV infected bodies are being segregated and covered in concrete by health officials

    PinkNews has learned that the Israeli Ministry of Health sent out guidelines ordering the dead bodies of people who had HIV AIDS be tagged, segregated and covered in concrete.

    05 December 2016 | Pink News
  • Trump leaves AIDS advocates feeling anxious

    The election of Donald Trump has left many people with HIV, their medical providers, and advocates feeling uncertain and anxious. Although Trump said little about HIV during the presidential campaign, his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and his conservative Cabinet picks suggest many of the advances of the Obama years may be rolled back. But all agreed that it is hard to predict specific details.

    01 December 2016 | Bay Area Reporter
  • The Times coverage of PrEP echoes that of the Daily Mail

    The Times have continued to report on PrEP in a divisive manner, ignoring warnings from a number of health organisations against pitting groups of patients against one another.

    15 November 2016 | Attitude
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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

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